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Adding Receipts

To watch a video about this, click here.

Receipts can be added to the ReceiptStash screen and these receipts will be ready to add to a claim anytime they are needed.

Add/Remove Receipts

On this screen you can upload pictures of receipts and add the details of the receipt, such as the date and amount on it.

Receipt Stash Entry screen

To get started click Select files then select the picture of the receipt. You can upload as many receipts as you like in this view.

Once the desired number of receipts have been uploaded, they will be stored on screen and are ready to be added to expense claims.

ReceiptStash view

To enter receipt information, click the pencil button on the receipt after it has been uploaded.

Enter receipt information

We will also be introducing a completely new mobile application that will function with ReceiptStash and enable you to photograph your receipts and add them straight into the stash to use on your claims.

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